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 Laser Cutting Services

A laser cutter is an ideal machine for quickly making custom parts out of sheets of plastic or wood. All you have to do is draw a design on a computer, and in minutes, you can have a completely custom part! Once you have a design that works, it is easy to make more identical parts.

With our custom part cutting service, you can quickly and economically realize intricate designs that are too complex for creating by hand. You can cut smooth curves and even engrave text or logos on to your parts. The only restriction is that parts are flat, but you can make three-dimensional products by combining multiple two-dimensional pieces. Our laser cutting service is great for anyone with a project requiring custom parts!

Even if you do not have access to a computer with the software necessary to draw your part, we might be able to draw your part for you. If the part is simple, just call us and describe it over the phone. For more complex sketches, e-mail us at Info@romartdesign.com with your full contact information and our design team will contact you to get started on your drawing.

Materials for laser cutting:

Wood/Plywood, Plastic, Acrylic, Corian, Leather, and more…


•  Approximately $2.50 per minute of laser cutting time. Please e-mail us for more accurate quote.

•  For larger jobs, we can offer you a quote for a lower cost per minute

•  Shipping costs start at only $5.00, and you can select shipping methods from USPS or FedEx .


Once you have a design for a custom part, getting it laser cut is simple. Upon receiving your design, we can often laser cut and ship your part to you within a few business days (our standard turn time is five business days). Expedited services are also available. Here are the steps involved in making a custom part:

•  You give us your design by sending a file (CAD programs, CorelDRAW, DXF, Adobe Illustrator, and others), a scan of a sketch, or a written description of your requirements via e-mail at info@romartdesign.com .


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